2017 Aston Martin DB11 Price

Since 2003 Aston Martin DB9 was cruising the roads, and now it’s time for refreshment. After DB9 comes DB10, right? Well, kind off, but for 2017 we won’t see DB10, well not on the everyday roads. Aston Martin skipped DB10 as a production car since they developed a few special ones so James Bond could enjoy them in movie “Spectre”. So, with DB10 out of the picture (besides the motion picture of course), now comes 2017 Aston Martin DB11. It was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016. And there are some bad news, but also good news. But, first things first.

2017 Aston Martin DB11-front view

2017 Aston Martin DB11 – New Design

The design is how to put it, simply amazing. Yes, it didn’t wonder off too much from its predecessor, but now it looks even more beautiful. The characteristic Aston Martin grille is now same, but slightly wider and deeper. We can see more emphasized hood lines between now redesigned LED headlights for more modern look. We think that best looks come from the side view since from there you can see how beautifully crafted this beast really is, apart from 20-inch wheels. The roof has the two-tone appearance, but all comes together with sleek lines. The rear end is brand new with redesigned LED rear lights that extend to the center panel.

2017 Aston Martin has very good aerodynamic characteristics. Especially in the back, since the end of trunk lid looks something like a spoiler. It will provide much-needed downforce on the rear wheels. You’ll see later why. But now let’s see what kind changes has come in the interior .

2017 Aston Martin DB11-interior


2017 Aston Martin DB11 – Interior

Well, not much has changed besides usual tweaks. High-quality materials were used, finishing is beautiful and the control layout is more traditional. Besides that, a 12-inch touchscreen is integrated on the central console. More important change is more useable space. First, let’s say that door openings are larger for easier “boarding” on this luxury “ship”. Besides that, front seats offer 0.4-inch headroom. Not much, but the main thing is that rear seats get 2.1-inch more headroom and legroom is increased by 3.4 inches. In other words, 2017 Aston Martin DB11 will finally get useable rear seats. Luggage space is slightly increased too. And we have to thank bigger dimensions for that.

2017 Aston Martin DB11 – New Aluminum Platform

When it comes to those they are almost same as DB9, but nevertheless bigger. 2017 Aston Martin is 1.2 inches longer, 2.7 inches wider, it is higher for 0.3 inches, and it sits on a 2.5 inch longer wheelbase. Although the new platform is made from aluminum, the weight remained nearly identical. It is 33 pounds lighter, so in other words, curb weight of this vehicle is 3902 pounds. When you think that there is a new aluminum platform, the weight reduction of 33 pounds doesn’t represent much. It certainly looks like that, but without a new platform, curb weight would be significantly higher. And now you are probably wondering why.

2017 Aston Martin DB11-side view

2017 Aston Martin DB11 – New Engine

But before we get to that, let’s break down the bad news. Aston Martin’s naturally aspired V12 that was used on all larger models is going to retirement. Yes, it sounded awesome, but now let’s get to the good news. Aston Martin developed the brand new engine. The word is about 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 that produces 600 horsepower and 516 lb-ft. That is 60 horsepower more than DB9 GT. And this is the main thing why you need all the downforce on the rear wheels we mentioned earlier. New engine for 2017 Aston Martin DB11 is also heavier and now it’s understandable why aluminum platform brought so small weight reduction. This engine is connected to an 8-speed automatic gearbox that is mounted in the rear.

Interesting fact:

The letters “DB” are the initials of David Brown, the owner of Aston Martin for a significant part of its history.

From stand still to 60 mph, 2017 Aston Martin DB11 will reach in 3.9 seconds, while top speed is estimated at 200 mph. Information about fuel consumption is not yet available, but we can expect a slight improvement. There is one more thing that is crucial to mention and that is another engine. In the near future, smaller twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 that was developed by Mercedes-AMG will also find a place beneath the hood of new DB11.

2017 Aston Martin DB11-rear view

2017 Aston Martin DB11 – Release Date And Price

New 2017 Aston Martin DB11 will be available in the last quarter of 2016. Will it be affordable? That, of course, depends on the depth of your pocket. As for the price is concerned, there is no way to put it gently, so we’ll just say it. For the base model, you will need to count to $214.000. Well, what other price tags could you expect when it comes Aston Martin.

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