2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

One of the top selling models in U.S. in 2015 is the Honda Accord. Since the model for 2016 is not produced, what can we expect from 2017 Honda Accord? Hybrid and therefore a great gas mileage. Plug-in model won’t be available like before. Honda came a long way from its first produced Accord in 1976. Ninth generation in 2008 and tenth generation in 2013 were huge success to this day and we are expecting nothing less from this Japanese manufacturer.

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid-front view

2017 Honda Accord – Redesign

Concept that was presented during Auto Show in Beijing in 2014 might be the role model for redesign of 2017 Honda Accord. But since design of the current model is a huge success they will try not to alter in too much. Redesign will probably result in combination of those two. With sleek body lines they will certainly improve aerodynamics. Aggressive and sporty look will remain to beautify this luxurious model. Net shaped grille with addition of new blue- tilted headlight units and low centered emphasized fog lights will improve even further the look of this mid-size sedan. The measurements of current model are 195.5 in length, 57.7 in height, 72.8 in width (inches), and it’s not expected that 2017 Honda Accord will be any larger.

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid-interior

2017 Honda Accord – Interior

The interior will probably be filled with gadgets and pretty much anything from diagnostics tool and information. All that will be available at a touch on 7-inch LCD screen at the center stack console, as you can expect in any other luxurious car. The quality of materials that engineers will use for making the cabin 2017 Honda Accord will be much higher. The comfortable, heated leather seats will be somewhat repositioned to give more space to occupants and therefore improve comfort for long rides.

2017 Honda Accord – Safety Specs

One of the gadgets will be available similar to one of the many that Volvo S60 has as standard, is the line keeping assist with help of electronic camera. That is part of wider technology, Hondas Sensing suite of advanced safety. In addition there is rear-view camera with wide-angle display you will have detailed view of your surroundings. Forward collision warning with automatic braking and adaptive cruise control will further more increase driving ease as well as all around safety. Company for their 2017 Honda Accord is aiming to obtain highest safety ratings from Euro Ncap, IIHS and NTHSA as well, and they will probably succeed.

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid-rear view

2017 Honda Accord – Powertrains

To power this aggressive looking sedan 2017 Honda Accord will use on of two options. One is 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with about 190 horsepower. The other much more interesting one is what they call two motor hybrid system. It’s paired to 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine. Combined output of this engine and two electric motors is 212 horsepower (16 horsepower more than current one). This is because engine is using Atkinson Cycle combustion sequence. With a combined mileage of 49 mpg it will take you further more than ever.

2017 Honda Accord will have three options available. EV Drive shuts down the motor and gives all-electric (as long as there is charge in lithium-ion battery) propulsion to front wheels. Hybrid drive gives the same output while the difference is that gasoline engine is working only to recharge the battery. The Engine Drive will use all the power combined for higher speeds and higher loads.

2017 Honda Accord – Price And Release Date

As far as the price is considered there might be a slight increase from the current model. So the price tag for 2017 Honda Accord might be above $30.000 mark. Will Honda deliver everything they have to high demanding costumers? It won’t be long until we see what the outcome of new model will be. The first one of the assembly line will be available in first quarter of 2017.

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