2017 Jaguar XF Price

XF model was unveiled at Autumn in 2007 as a replacement for S-Type. To this day global sales of this mid-size luxury sedan are steady at average 35.000 sold units per year. Now it’s in its second generation that is present only one year. Jaguar made some major improvements on the new generation model, so what can we expect from 2017 Jaguar XF? The truth is, not so much, since it will get some minor updates on an already lightweight aluminum platform. On the other hand, the existing lineup will get a new diesel engine.

2017 Jaguar XF-front view

2017 Jaguar XF – Design

So when we speak about design, there isn’t much to tell. The design of 2017 Jaguar XF is the same as previous versions, but that’s not a bad thing. Jaguar XF has recognizable look with a wide grille and appropriately sized air intakes. Roof line gradually ends in the trunk, where LED rear lights are mounted. Headlights are also from LED light cluster. The size of the wheels will start at 17-inch, while on some other, more expensive trims, you could get 19-inch wheels. While speaking of trims, for a little extra you could get Styling pack and Carbon Fiber Pack. With either one of those, you’ll get new mirror covers, side vents and also floor mats in the desired style.

2017 Jaguar XF – Interior

As for the interior all that was improved on the current generation model, will remain in the 2017 Jaguar XF. In other words with 2-inch longer wheelbase, space inside was increased, so there is enough legroom. The centerpiece of the interior is the unique wood insert that sweeps from over the instrument panel across the top of the fascia and along driver and passenger doors. Besides that, there is a variety of materials included in 2017 Jaguar XF. Leather, carbon fiber, and veneer will altogether give you a luxurious feel. Of course, there is 8-inch infotainment system in the center console with 12.3-inch customizable TFT display behind the multifunctional steering wheel.

2017 Jaguar XF-interior

2017 Jaguar XF – Safety Rating

There is one more thing that is crucial to mention and that is the safety of XF model. The last Jaguar that went through testing by the IIHS was done on now former 2008 Jaguar S-Type. The whole assessment wasn’t even done and its brother X-type didn’t have so good rating. However, Euro NCAP did the testing on later XF models and they also weren’t quite top safety items, with 4-star safety rating, so there was certainly room for improvement. With the new generation, that has changed and safety is now on much higher level. The 2015 model received 5-star safety rating so we expect nothing less from 2017 Jaguar XF.

2017 Jaguar XF – New Diesel

And now for main news, that we mentioned in the introduction. Diesel engine with AWD is heading straight to North American market. The word is about supercharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with 180 horsepower. Existing V6 engine is also refined and comes with two variants. One has an output of 340 and the other 380 horsepower. All engines are fitted with automatic gearboxes. The gasoline ones come with six-speed ZF transmission while diesel engines are connected with advanced eight-speed ZF transmission. There is also a manual mode for shifting using pedals behind the steering wheel.

2017 Jaguar XF-rear view

2017 Jaguar XF – Price And Competition

There are altogether five trim levels to choose from. As for the price is concerned, you can purchase base model for $47.750. Some of the main competitors in this segment are Audi A6, Cadillac CTS, Volvo S90, Mercedes-Benz E-class and some less pricey ones like Hyundai Genesis.

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