2018 BMW i3 Range

BMW didn’t expect the sales drop for their i3. In 2015 sales were 81% up compared to 2014, but as 2016 has passed, the sales have dropped for 33%. Although it’s much more popular than the three and a half pricier i8, BMW isn’t satisfied with results. To jump start sales of their all-electric car, German carmaker will add more modifications to the 2018 BMW i3.

2018 BMW i3-front view

Note: Image of 2017 BMW i3

2018 BMW i3 – Design Updates

The design won’t change much. Since all BMW models have evolutionary rather than revolutionary design, we don’t expect some major overhaul of i3. But according to some rumors, 2018 BMW i3 will have updates in design. Those come in revised front and rear fascia and additional colors in color palette. BMW will also offer a new set of wheels design, but that pretty much everything. The body has carbon-fiber reinforced plastic to maintain rigidity while reducing overall weight.

2018 BMW i3 – Powertrain

The electric motor of this supermini produces 170 horsepower and the output will remain the same. For 2017 model year, BMW installed new 33kWh battery pack to increase range for 40%. With fully charged battery, the range is 114 miles, while the previous had 81. The i3 is also offered with range extender (REx) that comes with 0.6-liter 2-cylinder gasoline engine, which solely purpose is to charge the battery when it falls on a certain level. With REx, the range is extended to 180 miles. But all of that isn’t enough compared to a range of other electric rivals. So rumors are that they will add a bigger battery pack to make 2018 BMW i3 go for 150 miles on fully charged.

2018 BMW i3-interior

Note: Image of 2017 BMW i3 interior

2018 BMW i3 – Range Assistant

There is one more way to pull out as many miles from one charge as it can be. That comes with Range Assistant. This feature monitors driving style, current charge level, traffic situation, and all that with navigation to point the driver to the most efficient route. Navigation here also helps since it’s not only “turn left, turn right”, but it also has topographical information.

2018 BMW i3 – With An S

There is also a rumor that BMW will add a sportier version of i3 just to spice things up. There are reports that it will go with i3S name. At this moment it is unknown how much will the output be. But we’re guessing that it could come close to 200 horsepower mark. Besides sales, there is one more thing that BMW can’t be satisfied with. And that’s the safety. Although the IIHS hasn’t conducted any crash tests, the European New Car Assessment Programme did. And they rated BMW i3 with four out of five starts.

2018 BMW i3-rear view

Note: Image of 2017 BMW i3

2018 BMW i3 – Price

New i3 will reach U.S. shores by the end of 2017. The price information is still not available, but with better tech also comes a higher price. The current price of i3 starts at $44.550 including destination and handling, but not including Federal Tax Credit of $7.500.

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