2018 BMW X4 Coming with CLAR Platform

Sooner or later, it happens no matter how hard the manufacturer tries to hide their future models. Someone somewhere will catch it. This time long before its unveiling, the 2018 BMW X4 is caught. And this luxury SUV is believed to arrive right after the new X3 with some radical changes. Although not as popular as some other models from the BMW lineup and SUV’s from other manufacturers, this model has its own audience. And that audience will surely broaden after these updates.

2018 BMW X4-front view

2018 BMW X4 – Redesign and New Platform

The redesign was expected since the X4 is present from 2014. And even with the swirly wrap, we can see headlights are more sharpened on ends. There is also new kidney grille, while we can also see that curves on the side have been toned down. But we don’t see any fog lights on the front. The rear end brings more changes with rear lights are extended more into the center. The place for the license plate is now lower, mounted on the new bumper. On it, we can see that BMW also mounted new trapezoidal exhaust pipes which blend far more nicely into the bumper.

Although BMW refreshed design, the true change lies beneath the body. While X4 is relatively new, the platform on which current one sits is seven years old. With the introduction of CLAR platform, the possibilities increase. Thus, 2018 BMW X4 might also come with a hybrid powertrain.

2018 BMW X4-side view

2018 BMW X4 – Possibility of Hybrid

If that is true, we can expect a combo found in the 3-Series. It’s a 2.0-liter engine and electric motor with combined output of 249 horsepower and an all-electric range of 30 miles. Other than that, we can expect somewhat same lineup as before consisting of gasoline and diesel engines. In other words, 4- and 6-cylinders will remain as well as eight-speed automatic transmission. Of course, RWD and optional xDrive (BMW’s AWD) will also be on the shelf. But there might be the difference to the M badge. With the current X4 6-cilinder engine producing 300 horsepower and the M badge comes with 355, we know that it’s not so much difference. Really, this model with that amount of horsepower shouldn’t wear M. And to fix that, BMW will probably add much more horsepower to M badge, and the number should be well over 400.

2018 BMW X4 – Interior Tech

As for the interior design, the new X4 should probably mimic the smaller X3. It is also expected to receive most of the 5-Series and new X3 technology, such as semi-autonomous driving, and ParkNow feature. In addition, the new X4 will come with a newer version of voice control, which can “understand” natural speech.

2018 BMW X4-rear view

2018 BMW X4 – Release Date

The new model should arrive at the end of the current year. The deadline should be the beginning of 2018 when more info will be available. But this is another step forward the establishment of BMW’s luxury coupe SUV. So, Audi Q5 and SQ5, Jaguar F-Pace, Mercedes-Benz GLC-class are just some of the models that X4 takes aim at.

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