2018 BMW X5 Spy Shots

On famous Nurburgring, you can spot many car enthusiasts, but also many car companies take their new projects for a “stroll”. That’s not anything strange since mentioned track is one of the most demanding ones, and it can really squeeze everything from any car. That’s the case with BMW since spy photos show us that this German manufacturer is testing new 2018 BMW X5. This SUV first came in 1999 and from then across three generations have seen broad daylight. In the last 6 years, its sales were steady at 43.769 of sold units per year. With a record of 54.997 sold in 2015 alone. So what’s new that we can expect from BMW? Well, one thing that we hate about car makers testing new models is the heavy use of camouflage.

2018 BMW X5-front view

2018 BMW X5 – Redesign

So there isn’t much point of talking about its exterior, but there are some parts that aren’t obscured. Designers toned down the hood of 2018 BMW X5 a little. On the other hand, headlights look like they are borrowed from the first X5 that came out. Also, there are no side skirts, and the rear end has new rear lights. That lighting unit is brand new if you look at rear lights of the previous model. But the point is what will any of that make it into a production model.

2018 BMW X5-side view

2018 BMW X5 – Self-Parking Technology

The interior is more mysterious than the exterior since no photos exist of it. But there are speculations about what changes might be in the cabin. One of them is TFT display instead of standard gauge cluster and slightly larger infotainment screen. Not only that, but 2018 BMW X5 might come with a gesture control we saw in the 7-Series. Also BMW in the beginning of this year said that it will bring self-parking technology in the US as quickly as possible. And that will surely come true since US Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said that the company’s self-parking system (that is already available on 7-Series models outside of the US) is compliant with federal regulations. That is one of the first steps to autonomous cars since Tesla enabled self-parking in January this year.

2018 BMW X5 – Powertrain

When speaking of powertrain, third generation X5 comes with huge range of them. It has 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder with 300 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque. Another one but diesel is same in the volume as gasoline one but with lower output. It has 255 horsepower and 413 pound-feet of torque. Although it’s too early to say is 2018 BMW X5 powered with new engine option or not, the answer to that is probably it does. And when you think of it, what is the test mule doing on the Nurburgring if there are no new engines or mechanical components? With all the camouflage it certainly isn’t for show off. Even if the new engine does or doesn’t come, engineers will surely tweak current ones will surely to improve performance and fuel consumption.

2018 BMW X5-rear view

2018 BMW X5 – Price

Current X5 starts at $54.700 and goes all the way to $71.599. When you consider what 2018 BMW might bring in term of powertrain and technology there will surely be a correction in its price. And no, the price won’t go lower.

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