2018 Ford Expedition Spy Photos

Current, third generation of Ford Expedition didn’t receive major updates for 2017 model year. Although it received constant updates from year to year it is present from now far 2006. Sales have also dropped five times comparing 2015 to start of this millennium. In other words, we can expect the fourth generation of this full-size SUV. Well, expecting is one thing but there is pretty much proof for these claims. Photographers captured spy photos of new 2018 Ford Expedition.

Even with heavy camouflage, we can tell that it is quite similar to F-150. Before we continue why that is, let’s first say that third generation of Expedition had a strong connection with mentioned F-150. But all those updates throughout the years were slowly drifting Expedition away from mentioned pickup truck. But for the resemblance we mentioned before we can thank Jackie Marshall DiMarco. He is chief engineer for next generation of Expedition, but also for new 2018 Ford F-150 which spy photos are also available HERE.

2018 Ford Expedition-front-view

2018 Ford Expedition – Exterior

So when it comes to design, 2018 Ford Expedition will receive completely new look, that will overall mirror the design of Ford’s pickup. Even with heavy camouflage, we can see horizontal chrome bars on the front grille. We can expect LED headlights as well. The only cuts are located below suggesting that only air intakes are there. Even with possibly same dimensions as the current model, this one looks more aerodynamic. Roof rails are clearly there although wrapped in camo. In the rear, we can see handle beneath window indicating that it can open unrelated to the lift gate. We will wait a little longer until camouflage drops to see what 2018 Ford Expedition will look like in its full glory. But at this point, it is known that new model will also benefit from weight reduction like the F-150 model. It will consist of high-strength boron steel and aluminum.

2018 Ford Expedition-side-view

2018 Ford Expedition – Interior

Talking about interior at this point seems a little pointless. But there are some assumptions about the interior of 2018 Ford Expedition. It will continue to provide space for eight occupants with three-row seating. With power-fold seating as an option, it will be easy to quickly flatten the second and third-row seats to give an enormous amount of cargo space. When it comes to tech, SYNC® 3 will also come in handy along with voice-activated technology. Even with all sort of safety equipment will be present in the new model, we would really love to see IIHS take a crack at it with every safety test at their disposal.

2018 Ford Expedition – Engines

Powertrain options might not be such a mystery. As before a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 will be available for 2018 Ford Expedition. But engineers have improved this engine’s output for about 10 horsepower. So expect 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. One important thing is that six-speed automatic transmission will be retired. Engineers will put the new ten-speed manumatic transmission in its place to improve performance and acceleration. Both RWD and 4WD will be available as before. There is also a possibility that a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 will be available in Expedition lineup also. And no, that’s not all; some rumors are spreading of a possible Hybrid variant with proprietary parallel hybrid electric-drive system.

2018 Ford Expedition-rear-view

2018 Ford Expedition – Projected Price

More info will surely follow when Ford unwraps its next generation SUV. Debut will be somewhere in the second half of 2017. With all mentioned above, price will surely rise. So if the price of 2017 Expedition is $46,225, new one will be closer to $50.000 mark.

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