2018 Ford Taurus

Taurus had a really bumpy ride from its first to now sixth generation. Famous Ford model experienced a boom in sales in 1999 after its first debut in Nascar. Not only that but when new design language kicked in for 2000 model year there were 368.327 sold vehicles. In the next couple of years, sales were steady, but after 2003 sales were rapidly dropping to reach a record low point of only 39.051 in 2015. Even with implantation as Police interceptor in the US, it didn’t have the impact on the market Ford wanted. The sixth generation of Taurus that was presented at 2015 Shanghai Auto Show is only manufactured in China. But they are preparing it  for export on the other markets with new specs. That alone could boost sales but Ford is preparing 2018 Ford Taurus. So what can we expect?

2018 Ford Taurus-front view

Note: Image of 2017 Ford Taurus

2018 Ford Taurus – Exterior And Interior

As a full-size sedan, it is likely that bulky design will remain. But new shield grille and streamlined LED headlights along with new fog lights will certainly beautify this model. We expect stylish alloy 20-inch wheels and in the rear redesigned also LED rear lights. Body dimensions will probably remain the same, but we can expect comfier interior.

As you can expect from every luxury sedan 2018 Ford Taurus will have leather upholstery with comfortable seats. Three-zone climate control will certainly do its best to keep you cool on hot sunny days. In addition, Sony audio system will entertain you and your passengers while 4G LTE, Wi-Fi two USB ports will help you stay connected.

2018 Ford Taurus-interior

Note: Image of 2017 Ford Taurus interior

2018 Ford Taurus – Drivetrain And Safety

When it comes to drivetrain even now for the current model for China is available only with 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6. It comes with FWD but as an option, there is also AWD. For the US market, there is a wider range of powertrains. One is 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine while the other more powerful is 3.5-liter V6. Those V6 has an output of 288 horsepower while EcoBoost has 365 horsepower. Why are we telling you this? The reason is simple, no new drivetrains are expected for 2018 Ford Taurus.

Apart from that, it is expected that more safety features come as standard. Why do we say this? Well, 2016 Ford Taurus received good safety ratings, but front crash prevention according to IIHS is Basic even with the optional equipment. Since all car makers strive to build the safest car, improvement is certainly expected in this field.

2018 Ford Taurus-rear view

Note: Image of 2017 Ford Taurus

2018 Ford Taurus – Lower Price

In conclusion, let’s say that 2018 Ford Taurus will also be available in four trim levels. Even without new engines, we expect that output of current ones will be somewhat bigger. Although it is quite early to talk about price, there are speculations that it will be lower than the current one, especially if Ford doesn’t boost sales with sixth-generation Taurus. The number mentioned for highest trim level Sho is around $39.000.

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