2018 Honda Clarity Electric Specs

We already saw what Honda wants to offer when it comes to alternate powertrain when Clarity Fuel Cell arrived. And by then we also knew that later there will be two more types, a hybrid, and all-electric. Unlike fuel cell cars which just can’t be popular on the market due to poor hydrogen fueling network, we really think that 2018 Honda Clarity Electric will be more successful.

2018 Honda Clarity Electric-front view

2018 Honda Clarity Electric – Design

Honda expects that by 2030 its electrified vehicles will comprise the two-thirds of entire company’s worldwide sales. Of course, Honda will test this first since new model will be available only in two states, California (the only place Clarity Fuel Cell is available) and Oregon. When it comes to 2018 Honda Clarity Electric, it shares most components with its fuel cell sibling. The buyer can expect the same design when the exterior is in question. LED headlights and LED rear lights are standard. And the car arrives on 18-inch alloy wheels with the unique aerodynamic design.

2018 Honda Clarity Electric-interior

2018 Honda Clarity Electric – Interior Specs

There is more difference in the interior. The batteries are mounted below the floor and rear seats, so they don’t jeopardize the interior space. On the contrary, there will be more rear seat legroom. The cargo space in this model will also benefit from not having large hydrogen fuel tank which we can find in Clarity Fuel Cell. Aside from that, seats are wrapped in leather with accent stitching. While the front seats are 8-way power adjustable with two memory settings. Connection feature won’t be a problem since Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard.

2018 Honda Clarity Electric – Electric Motor, Range

More important however is what drives this electric vehicle. The motor provides the same amount of torque as the Clarity Fuel Cell, 225, but 13 horsepower less, 161. Clarity Electric has 25.5-kWh battery pack which is less than other its rivals. Therefore, the range on a full charge is estimated at 80 miles. Just for comparison, the BMW i3 has a range of 114 miles while Ioniq Electric can go 124. Not to mention Chevrolet Bolt’s 238-mile range. So it’s a little confusing since all carmakers strive to increase vehicle range, Honda fall short of probably everyone’s expectations. They need to admit, the 80-mile range for an electric vehicle in 2017 doesn’t sound appealing.

2018 Honda Clarity Electric-rear view

2018 Honda Clarity Electric – Price

But there might be a reason for that. Dealers in mentioned states believe that new all-electric model will undercut the Ioniq Electric price of $30.335. And not just by hundreds, by several thousands of dollars. And if after the test, there are more and more potential buyers, Honda will surely consider the broadening of model availability, so they say. We must wait and see when Clarity Electric arrives at dealerships later this year, will it spark interest as Honda hopes.

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