2018 Hummer H4 Specs

Everyone knows Hummer. AM General who originally owned it based it on the legendary military vehicle HUMVEE. Throughout the years there were H1, H2, and H3 but they weren’t a huge success even when GM bought rights for Hummer. With GM’s bankruptcy in 2009, the era of a large military SUV has ended in 2010. But after that, there were countless of rumors of Hummer H4. Those were underpinned with a Hummer HX Concept. Some even said that Hummer H4 is confirmed for 2011. But it all ended with rumors. But today is another story. With ever-expanding SUV market, H4 might come to fight with other large SUV’s. Although there are no confirmations about that, we believe that 2018 Hummer H4 might see broad daylight.

2018 Hummer H4-front view

Note: Image of Hummer HX Concept

Why was Hummer criticized?

Hummer models were criticized for two things. One is the size (especially H1 and H2) and another is awful fuel economy. Parking this beast successfully in one parking space is an achievement. Even if we don’t count that, fuel economy is something that every potential buyer is closely looking at. With 10 mpg in the city and 14 mpg on the highway Hummer has the worst fuel consumption among any other SUV. To change this 2018 Hummer H4 will certainly have to maintain its curb weight. With today’s technology, that wouldn’t be a problem. Car makers use more and more aluminum to reduce weight while some like BMW 5 Series even have magnesium alloy implemented their structure.

2018 Hummer H4 – Design

The design was not a problem, even the H3 today stands with honor. The truth is that 2018 Hummer H4 will take some key design cues from HX concept. Since this is an off-road vehicle , high ground clearance, pronounced wheel arches, and big all-terrain tires are a must. Front grille looks quite aggressive. Not only that, but LED headlight will also be installed. To cut long story short, 2018 Hummer H4 will have beautiful, rugged appearance which will, of course, be accompanied with today’s technology.

2018 Hummer H4-interior

Note: Image of Hummer HX Concept interior

2018 Hummer H4 – Interior

The interior will surely follow exterior design. With a large dashboard, we could expect some infotainment system mounted on big touchscreen. The car maker will install leather upholstery and other high-quality materials into the cabin for the highest comfort possible. The HX concept was originally supporting four adult occupants, but we really don’t think that in today’s world someone would buy big SUV that cannot take more than four occupants. Many SUV’s now come with three rows of seating with a total capacity of seven. We don’t think that this will be the case with 2018 Hummer H4, but we strongly expect five seating areas.

2018 Hummer H4 – Engine

The powertrain of SUV is one of the most important aspects. The HX concept brought a 3.6-liter V6 engine. And this engine will likely (although revised) find itself under the hood of 2018 Hummer H4. It comes with six-speed automatic, but we think that there will be other offerings in term of the gearbox. Manual is slowly dying so we don’t expect to see it, but more gears will probably be added to the automatic transmission. As for the drive configuration, 4WD is the only reasonable solution. To make its way in today’s market H4 must also be packed with numerous safety technologies. Yes, it’s hard and sturdy but that alone now isn’t enough.

2018 Hummer H4-rear view

2018 Hummer H4 – Main Rival

But the largest question remains. And that is WILL. Will GM take this step and revive this icon? At this moment, we can’t say. Although SUV’s are already overwhelming market today, we would really like to see the resurrection of this vehicle. The price is another mystery, but this vehicle is a direct competitor of Jeep Wrangler. So it mustn’t be much higher than Wranglers.

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