2018 Jeep Cherokee Changes

We’re gonna be totally honest, as always. The changes will happen for 2018 Jeep Cherokee, but they haven’t been yet confirmed. Since the current Cherokee is here from 2013, Jeep will certainly try to boost its already high sale numbers. Just to clarify that Cherokee was sold in almost 200.000 units just in 2016.

2018 Jeep Cherokee-front view

Note: Image of 2017 Jeep Cherokee

2018 Jeep Cherokee – Same Design

Since major redesigns happen every five years, we don’t think that 2018 model year will bring any changes. Although it is by some criticized for unconventional slim headlights they are likely to stay in the near future. SUV this size could really improve the design with some at least slightly bigger lighting unit. We can expect something completely new in the end of 2018. This is when 2019 Jeep Cherokee will arrive with a complete redesign. More important is what will lie under the hood.

2018 Jeep Cherokee-interior

Note: Image of 2017 Jeep Cherokee interior

2018 Jeep Cherokee – New Engine

There are two particular rumors that spread the internet like an infestation. One is that 2018 Jeep Cherokee will receive completely new engine. The current setup is 2.4-liter inline 4-cylinder, 184 horsepower engine, while there is also more powerful 3.2-liter 271 horsepower V6. The word is that Jeep will add another inline 4-cylinder engine but with turbocharger strapped on. It is unknown how high the output will be, but some approximate value is close to 200 horsepower. The other rumor is that they will swap the current 3.2-liter V6 for more volume one. Instead, the buyer will be able to choose 3.6-liter V6 with more horsepower. In that way, the Jeep wants to broaden the offerings of Cherokee and cover most buyer demands for power. So, the same vehicle lineup will consist of two 4-cylinder engines, one with turbo, and powerful V6.

Another thing that Jeep is trying is to improve fuel economy. That is something that is going to be really hard when we know that Cherokee has poor aerodynamics, it’s quite heavy. And with off-road tires, low fuel consumption isn’t something easily achievable.

2018 Jeep Cherokee-rear view

Note: Image of 2017 Jeep Cherokee

2018 Jeep Cherokee – Conclusion

Nevertheless, we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to see what Jeep has under its sleeve. But one thing’s for sure, 2018 Jeep Cherokee will certainly have a higher price. And if the 2017 Cherokee is the real deal for you, wait until the new model arrives, when more discounts will be made for 2017 model year. Or you can always look at Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, and Ford Escape.

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