2018 Lexus LC Review, Price

The Germans have something to worry about. Lexus introduced the completely new model, a luxury coupe. And what’s the best way to name a luxury coupe than taking the first letters of those two words? Namely, 2018 Lexus LC will be a direct rival to well-established models like Mercedes-Benz SL-class, BMW 6-Series, and Audi S5. And will LC live up to expectations, we’ll soon find out.

2018 Lexus LC-front view

2018 Lexus LC – Astonishing Design

First things first. When we compare new LC with its rivals, we can rightfully say that it is the best looking. Sharply angled sheet metal dominates the body as well as protruding mesh grille in form of hourglass. In other words, it is aerodynamic as possible to achieve maximum performance. But even with heavy use of aluminum in door skins, hood, and front fenders, LC still is heavy, that 4.300 pounds heavy. In addition, engineers also used carbon-fiber reinforced sheet molding in the interior door panels and trunk. The coupe rides on either 20- or 21-inch wheels. The twenties come with two different designs. There are also eight exterior colors to choose from.

Lexus also had done much in term of weight distribution. Then again, those pounds are more distributed forward rather than the rear. It is 54/46% front/rear ratio. In addition, Lexus also developed a new platform for the LC, it’s called GA-L and stands for Global Architecture-Luxury. It promises good drivability.

2018 Lexus LC-interior

2018 Lexus LC – Interior Features

On the inside, we can find high-quality materials as well as some newest technology. When it comes to comfort, leather seats are heavily bolstered, but they lack adjustments. The lumbar support is only two-way adjustable but bolster and thigh adjustments do not exist at all. So some drivers might find it difficult to find their perfect seating position which is not what we expect for a luxury coupe with almost $100.000 price tag. When it comes to technology on 2018 Lexus LC, we’re glad that Lexus didn’t follow most of the manufacturers by adding more and more screens. Of course, there is one, a 10.3-inch high-resolution split screen, but it’s not like everywhere we look we have monitors. It holds every information the driver needs, including navigation, climate and audio controls. Navigation is also voice-activated.

The center console is split into two parts, where the left one is reserved for gear knob, while on the right side we’ll find next generation remote touchpad. The interior is complemented with white LED illumination. Behind the steering wheel, there are magnesium paddle shifters and LFA-inspired digital performance gauges. On top of the dashboard, we can find the color Heads-up display. To sum it up, the interior is a nice place to be with careful high-quality finishing. Maybe one question remains, why in the world is drive selector busting out of the dashboard?

2018 Lexus LC – Powerful V8

Finally, the most important part when it comes to performance. Lexus LC comes with 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8. With 471 horsepower this is the most powerful engine Lexus has ever built. With ten-speed direct-shift automatic transmission, the LC will propel from 0-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds. But that ain’t all.

2018 Lexus LC – Hybrid Powertrain

Lexus LC will also come as a hybrid. And while there’s virtually no difference in the appearance, there is under the hood, of course. The hybrid system in the LC comes with 3.5-liter Atkinson-cycle V6. With two electric motors combined output is 354 horsepower. This hardware comes with a six-speed CVT. But Lexus said it will feel like ten-speed. Why? The hybrid system has four-speed automatic transmission mounted on the back of it. Unfortunately, hybrid loses the battle when it comes to sound. Even with electronic enhancement and amplified artificial moaning, there is no way that driver would get the growling sound of the V8. This moaning is further amplified with a selection of Sport S+ mode.

2018 Lexus LC-rear view

2018 Lexus LC – Price

But Lexus said that they plan to sell around 4.800 LC’s in the U.S. and only 20% will be with a hybrid powertrain. This is not unexpectedly since why would anyone spend $97.475 for the hybrid (LC500h) when the V8 version sports car (LC500) starts at $92.995?

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