2018 Lincoln MKZ

The American car manufacturer is preparing 2018 Lincoln MKZ model. This full-sized sedan won our hearts with its luxurious look and affordability. New model will be based on Continental concept so we can expect major changes starting with exterior.

2018 Lincoln MKZ-front view

2018 Lincoln MKZ – Redesign

With diamond like grille with wider LED line-curved headlights at front 2018 Lincoln MKZ will look elegant as ever. In the front bumper mash goes all the way from one end to the other where on each side are redesigned fog lights to improve visibility. Hood is likely to get new curves. Rear headlights on both ends are connected with slick line across the trunk with LED lights to improve awareness and luxurious look. With redesigned 21-inch wheels design of this model is on next level.

2018 Lincoln MKZ-interior

2018 Lincoln MKZ – Interior

What would premium vehicle be without staggering interior? With plenty use of high quality materials like leather and wood you’ll get comfort and relaxed driving experience. With added safety feature and some upgraded ones ride will feel like you’re in paradise. Panoramic power soon-roof is there to complete adventure. In addition some extra buttons on dashboard will be integrated in LCD touch screen so you won’t be distracted to much from driving in search for desirable options.

2018 Lincoln MKZ-rear view

2018 Lincoln MKZ – Powertrains

To power this luxurious full-size sedan there might be two powertrains. One for sure is 2.0-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost. This engine through a six-speed auto-manual transmission has power output of 245 horsepower. That is surely enough, but for those that want more there are rumors of another one in play, since the 2017 Lincoln MKZ has engine upgrade of 400 horsepower. Due to size of 2018 Lincoln MKZ that will probably be the case and the better option is 3.7-liter V6 engine that will surely rocket this model right of the runway. Furthermore, with a combined mileage of 29 mpg this sedan will have its customers.

2018 Lincoln MKZ – Price and Release Date

While we are expecting revealing of 2018 Lincoln MKZ in Detroit Auto Show in 2017 there is another thing that every potential buyer wants to know. Price! Lincoln wants to make his stand and increase sales therefore price tag won’t be a problem for majority. Also to have this brand new sedan you won’t have to dig deeper in your pocket. The base model will probably be available for $36.500. For those more demanding and with deeper pockets 2018 Lincoln MKZ will stand $48.400.

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