2018 Mitsubishi Grand Lancer Just For Asia

Unfortunately, Lancer is dead, and let that just sink in. But Grand Lancer is alive. What’s with the mix-up? Let’s get things straight. While we were reviewing 2017 Lancer, we said that it definitely needed something new. That new won’t happen for the U.S. since 2018 Lancer isn’t even in mind for North American market. With uprising demand for SUVs, Mitsubishi decided to kill the icon? Not exactly. The icon will live, but it won’t reach American soil. Japanese manufacturer relies on its SUVs to keep sale numbers as high as possible but China and other Asian markets will get the new 2018 Mitsubishi Grand Lancer. This is something that really should have happened sooner.

2018 Mitsubishi Grand Lancer-front view

2018 Mitsubishi Grand Lancer – Design

It’s not that the Grand Lancer would really catch fire in the U.S. if it was prepared at least two or three years earlier. But we really think that it wouldn’t be neglected. New Grand Lancer is just a re-skin of the 2017 Lancer (which will be the last Lancer available in the U.S.), pity. The new model comes with new bodywork while front fascia features company’s new “Dynamic Shield” grille. There is new wheel design, and the rear end looks a bit pointer.

2018 Mitsubishi Grand Lancer-interior

2018 Mitsubishi Grand Lancer – Interior

The inside is what really catches the eye. It’s not that it’s mindblowing or anything, but it’s refreshment that the previous Lancer needed. Everything inside, dashboard, seats, door panels, are made from how it looks like more softer-to-touch higher quality materials. For more premium and upscale look, the dashboard is decorated with chrome outlines on the vents, door panels, center console and gear shifter. The console between two air vents holds 8-inch infotainment system, while below are climate and audio controls.

2018 Mitsubishi Grand Lancer – Engine

At this moment, there is the only word about one engine. It’s 1.8-liter gasoline with 138 horsepower. While we think that there could be more, we are certain of one thing. The job of shifting gears will be CVT gearbox which will send torque to front wheels. There is also a manual mode with six gears, with optional paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. We said that we can expect more engines in the lineup, but we’re curious will 2018 Mitsubishi Grand Lancer be available with AWD or as Mitsubishi calls it All-Wheel Control.

2018 Mitsubishi Grand Lancer-rear view

Although this model isn’t intended for the North American market we’re really delighted to see that Mitsubishi didn’t completely abandon their iconic sedan. Who knows what’s next. Maybe new EVO.

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