2018 Mitsubishi Lancer Won’t Exist

One more sedan will slowly exit the market. While there are some rumors of 2018 Mitsubishi Lancer reaching the U.S. shores, the real truth is that it won’t be available for North American soil or anywhere else. 2016 was a year with least sold Lancers from the day it put the tire in America, an unfortunate record. Just 14.304 of sold units justify the decisions of Mitsubishi to no longer offer the Lancer.

2018 Mitsubishi Lancer-front view

Note: Image of 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer

2018 Mitsubishi Lancer – Reasons

Of course, it’s not that there’s something wrong with it. And it’s not the only sedan to receive this fate. Dodge Dart is another. But the low gas prices and market shifting to purchase of SUVs made the decision inevitable. Just for the reminder that when Lancer arrived in 2002, sales reached respectable high digit, 69.007. But as it turned out later, it was the highest sale number for Lancer in the U.S. We already said that when reviewing the 2017 model year that Lancer desperately needs something new. But this in the end just won’t happen for the U.S. It’s a bit shame that 2018 Mitsubishi Lancer won’t see how beautiful America is. But when in mind that the arguably the most iconic Mitsubishi model the Lancer Evolution was discontinued in 2015, this step just isn’t surprising.

With all in mind like we said this was somewhat expected since the main focus of this Japanese manufacturer when U.S. market is in mind is further push of crossover and SUVs. Over 65% of sales in Mitsubishi brand are SUVs. And they are on the constant rise. Thus company will continue with this endeavor. Outlander Sport will receive updates for 2018 model year. And not to mention that Mitsubishi along this model has prepared completely new one. And the word is about Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

2018 Mitsubishi Lancer – Not all is lost

Executive vice president of Mitsubishi Motors North America said that Lancer production will end in August. As we can see that Mitsubishi has no intention to keep the famous sedan in the lineup for the U.S. we would really like to see the grand comeback in the distant future when the market is fed up with more SUVs than someone needs. But as we said, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Maybe Lancer is dead, but Mitsubishi won’t give up its icon just yet. Did we mention that China, Taiwan, and other Asian markets will get 2018 Mitsubishi Grand Lancer?

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