2018 Nissan Z Delayed

Why won’t 2018 Nissan Z model be introduced in the 2017? For know we won’t have this information since the Japanese car manufacturer isn’t coming forward with at least some explanations. Only hint they’ve given is that they want to rethink the base model. By their words new Z model will be smaller and therefore lighter. As the news spread more and more rumours are that it might be launched as convertible. Another thing that we can be sure of is that it is a planned replacement for the 370Z. Rumour is that one of the options will be brand new Hybrid drivetrain.

2018 Nissan Z-front view

2018 Nissan Z – New Look

As far as the exterior is concerned, there is almost no information what the new 2018 Nissan Z model will look like. All we know is that Nissan gave a nice sports car to the world, and the Z model has a legacy that goes back to 2002. From designs of their previous line-up, we can assume than front might come in wider V-shaped grille, with vents on the bottom sides and somewhat larger Nissan emblem. Lines will flow over redesigned, thinner and sharper headlights all the way back ending with slightly angled V-shaped LED tail-lights. A sports car would look like a kid’s tricycle without at least 18-inch wheels. But for this 2018 Nissan Z model we can expect even 20-inch wheels that may be a little wider in the back. We may conclude that aggressive look is a must on this model like its predecessors had.

2018 Nissan Z-interior

On the inside of the 2018 Nissan Z changes are highly expected. Large infotainment system in the central dashboard, a possible combination of leather and Alcantara for very comfortable power seats is enough to make driving 2018 Nissan Z unforgettable.  Possibly the only thing they aren’t going to change is the Z-branded steering wheel. It might take some minor adjustments like incorporating some touch-screen controls on itself.

2018 Nissan Z – New Engine

Another thing that we would like to know is what drivetrain will be used to power 2018 Nissan Z. Unfortunately we can only speculate, but we’ll definitely try. For the markets outside U.S. 2.0-liter turbocharged engine is our best guess. Will it be enough? Probably will, but for the U.S. high power enthusiasts that won’t be the case. U.S. market can expect at least a 3.7-liter V6 engine that’s been around for some time. With around 325 horsepower and lightweight body we assume that 0-60 mph times will be between five to six seconds. But for new 2018 Nissan Z model much better and highly recommendable option is a brand new V6 that will make this light convertible into a mighty beast.

2018 Nissan Z – Price

Since Nissan is targeting younger audience speculated price tag of $30,000 is somewhat high, but there is enough time for change in numbers. Whatever is going on at the Land of the Rising Sun and their new 2018 Nissan Z model, one thing is for sure, we probably won’t be sorry for this setback and that Nissan will overcome our expectations.

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