2018 Tesla Model 3

If you’re looking for a high-performance car with elegant design and over 200 miles range, Tesla is the car for you. But the thing is models that come from this electric carmaker aren’t quite affordable for every person that’s saying “I want one.”. So, to further electrify automotive industry Elon Musk presented 2018 Tesla Model 3. And what’s so special about  it? It’s pretty affordable with a price tag of around $35.000. That definitely did the trick. Since within the first week, there have been 325.000 pre-orders for this model according to the company. Since from 2012 to 2015 global sales of Model S reached 107.228, we can say that previous three times higher number is pretty awesome. On the other hand, you won’t have every premium feature for this amount of money. But there are two main things that this model will have and we’ll get later to that.

2018 Tesla Model 3-front view

2018 Tesla Model 3 – Design

As for the design, it looks just like the little brother of Model S. But there are some features that will make Model 3 stand out for itself. One thing that is firstly noticeable is sculpted front fascia. It has lines that imitate place where is grille supposed to be. On 2018 Tesla Model 3 there is no grille at all. The only opening is a thin line under the “grille”. Headlights are brand new and if you look from the right direction they resemble eyes of the aliens we see in the movies. Off course, we don’t say it’s a bad thing. When viewed from the side, sleek coupe-like roofline can be seen, but it’s also somewhat highly positioned. Also, many similarities can be seen with its older brother.

On the other hand, rear end looks brand new. It stands out and the main thing visible are LED rear lights. They are “C”-shaped like the one you can see on new Volvo S90. But there are thinner and are ending in trunk lid that is also new. All we can say is that design language used on other Tesla models is really well incorporated into new Model 3. In other words, it looks classy, elegant, but also futuristic.

2018 Tesla Model 3-interior

2018 Tesla Model 3 – Interior And Features

As we already said, unlike pricey Model S, this more affordable model won’t have high-quality features and materials. Instead of wood, leather and aluminum, you can expect more plastic. But according to Elon Musk, Model 3 will be very comfortable 4-door compact sedan for five adult occupants. As for the dashboard don’t expect one large screen in the center as was seen in the presentation model. Yes, the touchscreen will be implemented, but you can’t control every aspect with it. In other words, expect new dashboard with at least some physical buttons to ease driving and control.

There is more space for head thanks to the position of the roof we mentioned earlier. One more thing that is crucial to mention is luggage space. Off course when you don’t have huge gasoline and diesel engines under the hood you can have dual cargo space. So you could take every single thing packed on your trip.

2018 Tesla Model 3 – Safety

As for safety, no information is available, but Elon Musk said that it will receive five-star in every category. If you think that he is over-confident, let’s remind you of one thing. Model S received a five-star rating from NHTSA and set a new standard for safety. Its safety rating is even better than Volvo’s lineup which we are accustomed to achieve only high ratings. The comparison may be a little unfair when you come to think that other cars instead of empty space in front have heavy engines. In other words, Tesla has much more space in crumple zone. But numbers are like that, so we won’t question Elon Musk about safety for 2018 Tesla Model 3.

2018 Tesla Model 3-rear view

2018 Tesla Model 3 – Drive And Range

Detailed specifications haven’t been announced yet. But there are some key features that Elon Musk confirmed. Firstly, the base model will be RWD. And to achieve sprint from 0-60 mph it’s expected that it will develop somewhere near 300 horsepower. But, mostly interested is the range, and by the words of Tesla Motors CEO said that new model will reach 215 miles before batteries run dry. The current range of batteries are between 70kW and 90kW and they are quite efficient. One main thing that we said we’ll reveal is that 2018 Tesla Model 3 will have a Supercharging technology for fast charging. And another one is that all base models will have Autopilot. So you will actually have full-autonomous functionality in a vehicle that costs below $35.000.

2018 Tesla Model 3 – Release Date

To sum it all up, Tesla made the right move and affordability is the main thing when you plan to purchase a new car. On the other hand production will begin in late 2017, so we’ll need to wait more until 2018 Tesla Model 3 see daylight.

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