2019 Nissan Z Rumors, Facts, Price

Exactly one year ago (and one day less to be precise) we wrote and asked what’s happening with Nissan Z and what’s with delay. While we managed to find out when the new model will be ready, some would say that our quest is futile as there’s “no more Z”. But we were right, and we backed up the story with words of Shiro Nakamoa, Nissan’s senior vice president when he told that they need to rethink the idea of Z. Well, they did just that. In fall this year, Nissan will unveil new Z Concept. But we don’t wanna talk about that since the real deal will arrive in showrooms by the end of 2019. And there is enough information about new 2019 Nissan Z.

2019 Nissan Z-front view

2019 Nissan Z – Design

Although only an artist’s drawing of the concept is available at the moment, we can say that it takes a turn of new design language. And it takes styling cues from the new GT-R. The most notable one is the big gaping front. Of course, we cannot fully take a concept drawing and say this is what will the new Z look like, but it’s a nice start. But we can say that new model will have roughly the same proportions as the outgoing coupe. More important however is to say that 2019 Nissan Z will ride on a shorter wheelbase. The word is about FR-L platform which underpins Infiniti Q60.

2019 Nissan Z – Three Powertrains

That not all that will be borrowed from the mentioned model. In Infiniti Q60 Red Sport lies a 3.0-liter twin turbo V6 which was specially developed for this highest trim. And the same engine will find its way under the hood of 2019 Nissan Z. It produces 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque and comes with the seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. This would make new Z a direct rival to BMW M2.

But there is also a strong possibility of even a higher output. Nissan is also working on the hybrid powertrain. In this case, Nissan would use entry level V6 which also comes with twin turbochargers but produces 300 horsepower. But when they add an electric motor to it total output should be around 500 horsepower mark. The electric motor itself is said to produce around 160 horsepower. Those two versions will be a top offer, but the entry level will be the same engine without the electric motor. In other words, entry level will come with 300 horsepower.

2019 Nissan Z – Projected Price

And that entry level will be in low-$30.000 range. And the twin turbo version will probably go up to $50.000. As we said the concept will be unveiled this fall, and production sports car will arrive by the end of 2019.

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