2019 Range Rover Evoque Caught Testing

Although not as popular as some other Land Rover models, you know that you have a good product when someone completely copies it. That’s right the Chinese company made completely identical Land Rover Range Rover Evoque in term of design and named it Landwind X7. Land Rover even took this case to court but that’s another story. While we thought that next generation will be ready for 2018 model year, recent photos indicate that new Evoque is still in testing phase. And by the looks of it, 2019 Range Rover Evoque will be bigger.

2019 Range Rover Evoque-front view

2019 Range Rover Evoque – Design

The wheelbase will remain the same, but the larger Mk2 platform will take place to offer more room inside. Fun thing is that when Chinese copied design, but they immediately made it bigger, so who’s copying who now? The wheel arches are revised and the rear end is boosted higher. We can see that headlights are identical to the current ones on Evoque, but that could also change for the second generation SUV. Also on front new Evoque will feature widened air intakes and bigger grille. The rear bumper is flattened. In other words, the new model will follow on design steps of new 2018 Velar and 2018 Discovery.

2019 Range Rover Evoque-interior

2019 Range Rover Evoque – Interior

On the inside, we don’t see any major changes compared to the current model, except in the center console. There are far less physical buttons near the control knobs, but again it’s too early to say that this will be the interior of the new 2019 Range Rover Evoque. We don’t think that this model will get two 10-inch screens like the 2018 Range Rover, but a bigger infotainment touchscreen will probably be there.

2019 Range Rover Evoque – Powertrain

The engine mounted in the testing mule is a 2.0-liter gasoline engine. But it is might be unlikely that in question is current 2.0-liter turbo. It produces 240 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. This is the only engine that could be found under the hood of Evoque. With the new Mk2 platform, new luxury SUV will certainly arrive with more engine choices. But at this moment it is unknown which ones. The 4WD will remain as well as nine-speed automatic transmission. Also, the hybrid option might come in play since it might arrive in 2018 Range Rover.

2019 Range Rover Evoque-rear view

2019 Range Rover Evoque – Release Date

We really don’t even want to talk about pricing options since it’s pretty early to even speculate. Therefore we’ll wait closer to its unveiling which should be in the second half of 2019. Whatever is cooking in the Land Rover’s lab, its rivals like BMW X1, Lexus NX, Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLA-class, Infiniti QX30, as well as Lincoln MKC should really watch out.

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